Rainboard is a three ply laminated sheet made up of a grade D corrugated asphalt kraft building paper at its centre and faced on each side with grade D asphalt-kraft building paper. Rainboard is designed for use on walls directly over exterior wall sheathing or furring strips, acting as a semi-rigid backer and is suitable for use beneath most types of outer wall claddings such as stucco, stone, Hardi board,etc. It will also act as a separator keeping potentially wet cladding away from moisture sensitive wall sheathing

Rainboard meets the requirements of the CAN/CGSB 51.32 and UU-B-790a standards for breathable sheathing membranes for frame walls.


Quick Information 


Product number: RBP550

Standard Compliance: CAN/CGSB 51.32 and UU-B-790a

dimensions: W: 38” L: 64” Sqft: 16.9

Count per pallet: 200

SHEET weight*: 10 lbs

Pallet weight*: 699 lbs

*All weights and measurements are approximate.