Corply has been engineered to provide superior moisture control in walls behind stucco, stone, vinyl, Hardie-Board or any finish. Corply offers a rainscreen style benefit at a very low cost. Corply is made from two layers of grade D asphalt-kraft building paper laminated together, with one layer corrugated to just under 1/8” (2.9 mm) depth. Corply provides drainage for incidental moisture, while allowing air behind your wall finish for improved drying. It is simple and quick to install with a hand stapler and tape. Corply meets Canadian Standards for sheathing membranes.


Quick Information


Product number: BU0590

Standard Compliance: CAN 2-51.32 + US UUB-790a

dimensions: W: 36” L: 50' Sqft: 150

Count per pallet: 32

Roll weight*: 10 lbs

Pallet weight*: 500 lbs

*All weights and measurements are approximate.